Terms of service

By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. We may modify these terms at any time to reflect changes to our Services.

1. Your Account
During registration you are asked to provide your full name, country, email and a contact number. To ensure a smooth trial period, please provide accurate information which may be easily verified. We keep this information strictly to ourselves without sharing with third parties.

2. Payments
Your trial licence is free of charge and you are not required to provide any payment or credit card details to sign up. When you upgrade to a paid plan, the payment process will be entirely handled by you and your bank. Our invoice is provided to you at your consent and its date marks the commencement of your subscription. All invoices must be settled within 3 banking days from the invoice date and Magellan has the right to cease services or suspend account in case of late payment or non-settlement of the invoiced amount. Bank charges are for the account of the ordering client therefore please avoid to "share" charges. Once the agreed payment is received, no refund can be claimed nor any amounts paid can be offset against future subscriptions or services.

3. Subscription renewals
To ensure uninterrupted services, all renewals should be fully settled prior expiration of active subscriptions. Magellan has the right to suspend account (by automatic process) until the agreed payment (or proof of same) is received. In case of non-renewal, all your saved data will be permanently erased from our servers due to strict GDPR regulations (this action is not reversible and the erased data are not recoverable).

4. System maintenance
From time to time and without any notice we may carry out maintenance operations to our system for its proper and efficient functioning, thus we may require to temporarily interrupt the services offered. We will do our best to ensure that such interruptions will be as minimal as possible.

5. Property & Usage
MAGELLAN is the sole creator of the Magellan Voyage Estimator, Laytime Calculator & Post Voyage Results and all hosted custom works, i-magellan.com, logos and trademarks are the intellectual property of Magellan Chartering Solutions and its affiliated entities. We strive to provide our services 24 hours a day each day. However we cannot guarantee availability at any time at any place and it is your responsibility to make sure that your internet connection is working properly. Please make sure to take appropriate action against malicious software, for example by using updated anti-virus software. We take great care in keeping our servers safe but we cannot guarantee their safety from all attacks we might experience in the future.

6. System abuse
Obtaining a licence (trial or paid) gives you permission to use our respective services. We may suspend (partial or total) access to your account if we suspect any misuse and we may stop providing our services if you do not comply with our terms and policies. Any disclosure, reproduction or dissemination of data is strictly prohibited and may result to immediate account suspension. To prevent system abuse, frequent, multiple and/or repeated re-registrations are not allowed, unless agreed upon first. The same applies for registering under false identities and/or using unverified contact details.

7. Responsibility
While we make every effort to always provide accurate data to our users, Magellan and its affiliated entities will neither be held responsible nor liable for the data served. We are not responsible for information provided by third parties and all distances, vessels’ particulars and dwt scale figures are always furnished in good faith & without guarantee, bunkers prices are indicative and served when and where available, stowage factors are furnished as a guidance only and users' limit is 100 distances per 24 hours.